The Dreaded “D” Word

Let me preface this blog post by asking one question, “Is there anyone out there that likes the big D word?” Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded word DIET.   Ugh.. just that word is enough to put anyone in a bad mood. Well, like everyone else, I’m on board the D train, too. As I look back a few years to high school and college, I think.. Man, I sure had it good great. I could basically eat and drink anything and everything and not have to worry about it one bit. Then came graduation and marriage and the dreaded “D” word finally came into my vocabulary. I continued to eat and drink whatever I wanted. Insert bad eating habit #1 here: I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD… like I could eat it everyday and I honestly think my life would be better because of it. Insert bad drinking habit #1 here: I love coca-cola. I can drink coca-cola all day long everyday and again.. my life would be a little better. Until I realized it wasn’t exactly “better,” at least not for my body. My metabolism had officially played catch up long enough that I was actually going to have to put forth effort to look and feel good. I hated the way I started to feel and the way my body was changing… WHY IS MY BODY CHANGING????? Well, that’s just life for yah I suppose. So… here are a few things I’ve found that work. For starters, my girl Morg is an Advocare distributor. If you’ve never heard of Advocare- stop what you’re doing right now… like seriously, right this second and look it up. It’s basically been my go-to life-changer and something I’ve found very helpful and beneficial to my journey with the big “D.” While I contribute my success to Advocare products, it’s also been a lifestyle change. Yes, that means I can’t eat Mexican food everyday and I don’t drink Coca-Cola anymore.   While I thought my life might as well just end there… it didn’t. I noticed I started to feel better and even look better. Here are a few recipes I’ve really enjoyed because let’s be real.. You can only eat so much tuna and so many yummy hamburgers salads. First off, my sweet husband has a ridiculously fast metabolism.  Lucky duck.  Therefore, he’s been super sweet and encouraging while i’m on this journey.  So sweet that he voluntarily made this yummy salmon and ate it with me. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Salmon (I bought ours fresh at Kroger)
  • Mrs. Dash no salt seasonings.  I think I used lemon pepper and garlic & herb
  • A little “no salt” salt
  • Lemon
  • Whatever veggie you like.. we chose asparagus this time.

Put your veggie down first.  Throw your salmon on top.  Add your spices and lemon.  And BOOM.. it’s ready for the grill. Here’s another yummy treat i’ve enjoyed.  The hubby chose not to partake in this one. 🙂 Cauliflower Mash (My healthy version of mashed potatoes) Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1-2 heads of cauliflower (I used one)
  • A little “no salt” salt

Steam the cauliflower (I used microwave steam bags).  Put the steamed cauliflower in your food processor (I used my Ninja) with a little “no salt” and let it go until it’s the consistency of mashed potatoes.  It was so yummy with my almond crusted chicken from a few nights ago. Let me know your Advocare success stories and other yummy recipes I should try. http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54493_145_1DB92FC283E6C6347223CFEFA2E146F7


Meet Katharine

Welcome to my little piece of the blog world!  I’m so so happy you’re here!  I’m Katharine… also known as Kat to many , Teeeeaaaacher! to a wonderful group of littles, and Mom to 2 fur-babies, Remington and Maggie.  I’m a twenty something-sweatpants wearing-Southern gal turned Kentuckian and daughter of the King.. and no I’m not talking about Elvis.

I have a passion for creating and teaching, love a good home improvement project (to pass off to the Mister), and can often be found frequenting the aisles of Target or Hobby Lobby (with a coupon of course) in search of something fun for Laura & Morgan to help me decorate and craft with.  I’m the wanna be crafter in the group… No worries, you’ll get to hear all about my crafting flips and flops another time.

So, grab your favorite beverage, a comfy throw, and stay awhile as we share how we’re finding a purpose on this crazy adventure we call life.  It’s sure to be entertaining.