3 Months of Waiting..

Let me start by saying… Laura, Morgan, and I reunite in 1 week!!  It’s going to be a weekend full of fun, crafts, and laughter.  I cannot wait!

So,  my sweet Husband bought me a Silhouette Cameo for my birthday.  Three months later and i’m happy to say… I FINALLY OPENED THE BOX!!  Yes, I know this is sad.  I’m so excited to take my non-crafty self and create some fun things.  With Laura’s help, of course.  She’s a pro, seriously!

Today was the day I decided to start.  I’ve pinned my fair share of Silhouette projects, but decided to create something I’ve been wanting for awhile.  Since moving to KY, Daniel (the Hubby) and I have done lots of new and exciting things that i’ve wanted to document.  However, i’m not exactly the scrap-booking type.  So, I decided to make a “Been There, Done That!” box.  This box will hold all the special memories (or pieces of paper) that I don’t want to throw away.

First, I went to Micheal’s because I had a giftcard (teacher perk) only to realize their Silhouette items were all 30% off!  YES!!  I immediately started texting Laura to decide what the “must haves” were.  I left with a roll of black vinyl, transfer paper, a scraper, and a shadow box.. which was also 50% off.  Oh, and Micheal’s gives a teacher discount! 🙂  I do believe this was a successful trip.

Next, I came home… AND OPENED THE BOX! (This is the moment where you give me a clap or something.)  I was presently surprised at how easily the machine sets up.  Once I set up the machine, I immediately opened Silhouette Studio to decide what I wanted it to look like.  My machine came with a $25 credit to the store and I purchased the monthly subscription so I get $25 credit every month for super cheap.  This subscription was also on sale for 72 hours.  ANOTHER SCORE!  So I have $50 this month to play around with.  I chose a cute wreath like border and a fun font for this project.  Then, it was time to start creating.

Once I picked out my font and border I immediately realized… Uh…. I’m not sure what to do now.  Luckily, Laura was a text away and told me exactly how to separate the borders I had purchased and of course approved the design.


Of course, she made a quick jab at the fact that i’d had this awesome machine for 3 months, but hadn’t used it. 🙂

The rest was a piece of cake.  I added the words then went to put in my piece of vinyl to get the project going.  Then, it happened… I pressed CUT.  I was so excited until I realized the machine was acting like it was cutting, but the blade wasn’t actually cutting the vinyl.  I quickly discovered the importance of putting the blade in the machine.  Wah, Wah, Wah!  I fixed the blade and wallah! I had my first vinyl cut!  Yay!

Next, I pealed off the part of vinyl I didn’t need and this is what I was left with!


Put a little transfer paper on top and I was ready to put the vinyl on the shadow box.


Here’s the final product!



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