Emotions Felt While Reading Gone Girl

My husband and I just finished reading listening to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I am one of those people who has to read the book before watching the movie. The book just gives so much more detail about the environments and situations than the movie is able to, and I’m able to pick up on subtle glances and body language in the movie and connect it to the details from the book. Hunter has been begging me for over a month to read the book so we could watch the movie. I am the world’s slowest reader.

Growing up, I used to love to read. I would fly through books. Then came college. Required reading. Yuck. By the time I finished Graduate School, I was so sick of reading. I am slowly relearning the joys of reading for pleasure, but it takes me a while to finish anything. It took me an entire year to finish Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which I really enjoyed. It’s not that I find these books boring, but it’s just that I don’t have devote a lot of time to read.  I purchased Gone Girl for my Nook before the movie was released, but started reading another book first (which of course I am still working on). I definitely cannot read two books at one time. It’s just too much for my brain to handle. I start blending in details from both books, and before you know it, Harry Potter is fighting the Volturi.

Hunter and I made the drive home for Mother’s Day this past weekend. Home for me is Memphis, Tennessee, and home for him is Jonesboro, Arkansas. The drive is about 5.5 hours to Memphis; tack on another 1.5 hours for Memphis to Jonesboro. The drive can get pretty boring if you do it enough, which we do, so I thought this trip would be a great opportunity to borrow an audio book version of Gone Girl from the library. This was a great idea, and I can confidently say we won’t make another long trip without an audio book  It took us the entire drive there and back plus two nights of just sitting on the couch, listening, to finish the book, and we are both really looking forward to watching the movie, which I think we are going to try to rent tonight. Throughout the time we invested in this book, there were a lot of different feels. Here are 10 emotions I went through while listening to Gone Girl:

  1. Confused: What is the truth and what are the lies? Why are there so many lies? What is happening right now? Is this really happening right now?!
  2. Empathetic: What a sad situation. I feel so sorry for___. Why can’t people just leave ___ alone?
  3. Skeptical: This is getting weird. Something is not right here.
  4. Aware: Oh, I totally know what’s going on. I can predict where this is going.
  5. Shocked: I did not see this coming. Maybe this isn’t as predictable as I thought.
  6. Smug: Ha! Karma! Serves you right.
  7. Doubtful: Okay, this can’t really be happening. This is crazy. This IS crazy, right?
  8. Repulsed: What?! Wait…what?! WHO WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?! This is DEFINITELY crazy.
  9. Disturbed: It’s sad how realistic this is. This whole book isn’t too much of a stretch. I’m sure there are people out there who do this. Scary thought.
  10. AmazedGillian Flynn is a genius. I can’t believe it ended like this. Why did it have to end at all? 

Needless to say, the book was a roller coaster, but one I look forward to riding reading again. I am also queuing up more of Gillian Flynn’s books. Next on my book list: Sharp Objects.

Have you read/watched/listened to Gone Girl? Leave a comment and let me know what emotions you felt.

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