Meet Laura

Hey y’all! I’m Laura, but known to most of my friends as LK.  I live in Georgia and work at a university as a coordinator for student involvement and leadership program.  My job is to help students find their connection to campus through student organizations as well as help student develop leadership skills that they can use after graduation. I could bore you with details of research that proves student success is positively correlated to student involvement on campus, but I won’t…yet. 😉  I literally have the best job in the entire world.

When I’m not saving lives, one college student at a time, I am spending time with my super cute husband Hunter (we’re newlyweds!), binge watching shows on Netflix, trying (and failing) to bake something yummy, or (my personal favorite) making a mess of the apartment by crafting! That’s right, I’m a crafter. I love to paint, make decorative pillows, and re-purpose things, and I am currently trying to teach myself graphic design. You’ll see plenty of my work here on the blog, I’m sure.

If you’re interested in: food, crafts, exercise, faith, victories, challenges, and more, then this is the blog for you. Join us as we maintain our long distance friendship and Find a Purpose for these curve balls life throws our way.

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