Meet Katharine

Welcome to my little piece of the blog world!  I’m so so happy you’re here!  I’m Katharine… also known as Kat to many , Teeeeaaaacher! to a wonderful group of littles, and Mom to 2 fur-babies, Remington and Maggie.  I’m a twenty something-sweatpants wearing-Southern gal turned Kentuckian and daughter of the King.. and no I’m not talking about Elvis.

I have a passion for creating and teaching, love a good home improvement project (to pass off to the Mister), and can often be found frequenting the aisles of Target or Hobby Lobby (with a coupon of course) in search of something fun for Laura & Morgan to help me decorate and craft with.  I’m the wanna be crafter in the group… No worries, you’ll get to hear all about my crafting flips and flops another time.

So, grab your favorite beverage, a comfy throw, and stay awhile as we share how we’re finding a purpose on this crazy adventure we call life.  It’s sure to be entertaining.



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